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Hello Friends, before starting this website I was searching for affordable and reliable web hosting plan for hosting my website, in most of the source I found only few well know hosting providers, but when I am digging the web in deep I found other hosting providers with good rating and reviews with affordable price, so I thought of sharing my research. In this blog about best web hosting for business, I am going to give a go through a set of few web hosting service providers and I have rated all the few companies with some criteria. Here you can find the difference types of web hosting and choose best among the best and start hosting in it.

What is web hosting why we need?

Web hosting is allotting space from the server for accessing the website World Widely. The web hosting can be done in two methods,

  1. We can buy a server and configure our website in it. In this method, we need to maintain sever.
  2. We can buy a hosting space from a service provider so the maintenance will be taken over from their side we don’t want to break our head.

The server in which the website has been hosted must be connected to internet 24×7 and must have a data center.

Types of hosting:

A website data such as text, image, video, and applications are stored in the web server.

I will let you know the different types of web hosting and their features so that you will get an idea which web hosting will be best for your business.

Shared web hosting service:

The space of the server will be shared to hundred’s of website, not only space but also the RAM and CPU also get shared. So the processing speed may get affected if more number of visitor arrived to our website at a same time.

Usually when we selecting the web hosting for business purpose this type of shared web hosting is not a cup of tea.

Reseller web hosting:

In the name itself we can identify its a kind of reselling which we has been purchased in a bulk.

Here a person buy hosting space in a bulk and resells his allotted harddrive and bandwidth to someone for hosting their website. The reseller may rent a dedicated server and using the space and bandwidth it will be given to other customers has a shared web hosting.

Now a days you can sign up for a reseller account and share your space for someone else for profit. And I don’t personally prefer this because if a person buys a reseller web hosting its like a shared web hosting and it may stuck when traffic increases.

If you have an idea of doing business in web hosting you can try this.

Virtual Dedicated Server:

Virtual Private Server(VPS) or Virtual Dedicated Server appears to the user as a dedicated server, but it is actually on a computer serving multiple website. In single computer several VPSs can run at a same time with separate OS installed in it.

A VPS hosting provider uses a software called hypervisor, to abstract the resource of a physical server and provide customer with access to Virtual Machine. This creating of VPS is logically private, but not physically separate.

Dedicated Hosting Service:

Here client leases an entire server rather than sharing a server. Here client will get full access control over the server including choice of operating system and hardware configuration so this is the best web hosting for business purpose.

Here the client should handle firewall and maintenance. But most of the company prefer this type of hosting to avoid traffic problem.

Cloud Hosting:

When we compare cloud Hosting to Dedicated Hosting, in Dedicated hosting if the requirement increases we need to change the entire set up and mainly data and other stuffs is depends on a particular server.

Unlike in Cloud hosting the resource and data for running a webiste will be spread across multiple virtual servers so that if one server fails to respond the data will be collected from another server and given back to client.

Here the website is not relying on single server so down time will be low.

Note: Dedicated Hosting Service and Cloud Hosting is ideal for business purpose, yes it is costly compare to other plans, but if you are going to host personal blog or a website having traffic lower than the features listed by the hosting providers, then you an choose any other hosting which is affordable by you. So here i will be telling about best web hosting providers, their plans, experience and i will list out them in certain criteria so at end of the blog you can find solution in choosing the web hosting provider you can choose the best for your requirement.

I am going to rate the web hosting providers in four criteria
  • Money Back Gaurantee
  • Average Load Time & Average up-time.
  • Support
  • Plans and Other benefits.

eUKhost Ltd:

eUKhost was founded by Robert King in 2001 when he was 15 years old at the time. A 17 years old organization now has around 1200 data centers in UK. It’s based in Morley, additional offices in Durham and in INDIA.

Money Back Guarantee:
  • You can pay on monthly basis or for full period has your need.
  • They have 30-day money back guarantee after the date of initial order.
  • Even though you feel to cancel, you can and get a partial amount of the pay for you used.
Average Load Time & Average up-time:
  • I have calculated load time from two servers.
  • Europe server: 12 ms
  • USA server: 29 ms
  • Average up-time is 99.99%
  • Customer support is provided from its UK and Indian offices.
  • Technical support personnel are available on the phone 24/7.
Plans and Other benefits:

They giving FREE DOMAINS also. The plans which they have are listed below with links.

(IS) Interserver Webhosting:

Interserver was founded by two tech-savvy high-school students Mike Lavrik & John Quaglieri in 1999. A 19 years old company is now operates two datacenters located in Secaucus, NJ and one in Los Angeles, CA.

Money Back Guarantee:
  • 30-day money back guarantee.
  • They will bill annually and they are providing price lock guarantee (renewal amount will not be increased).
Average Load Time & Average up-time:
  • Europe server: 13 ms
  • USA server: 25 ms
  • Average up-time is 100%
  • Technical support are available on the phone 24/7.
Plans and Other benefits:
  • Standard web hosting
  • Pro hosting
  • VPS & Cloud
  • Dedicated hosting, To Know more about their plans Click here.

(WHUK) WebHosting UK:

Webhosting UK has been founded in 2001, now it is one of the largest web hosting providers in UK by serving 35,000 customers and hosting in excess of 1,000,000 websites across our network. The data is stored on the company’s UK-based servers.

Money Back Guarantee:
  • 30 day money back guarantee.
  • The first year’s domain registration is included for free.
Average Load Time & Average up-time:
  • Europe server: 26 ms
  • USA server: 29 ms
  • Average up-time is 99.9%
  • Technical support are available around the clock.
Plans and Other benefits:

According to requirement you can choose the plans

  • Reseller Hosting
  • VPS Hosting
  • Dedicated Servers
  • Cloud Hosting need more about features click here.


FatCow was founded in 1998 by Jackie Fewell and it was acquired by a infamous EIG( who also owns Hostgator, Bluehost and Many others), they were specifically for small business and beginner web developers. FatCow is also called has Green Hosting, we know these kind of web hosting companies need lot of power resource for keeping their servers ON, but FatCow uses Wind Energy for Power consumption.

Money Back Guarantee:
  • 30 day money back guarantee.
  • Be-aware the refund will be given back if and only if payment is done through a Credit Card.
Average Load Time & Average up-time:
  • Europe server: 81 ms
  • USA server: 23 ms
  • Average up-time is 99.77%
  • Support team are available around the clock, most times they will respond within 2 minutes.
  • They have a knowledge base in which you can get lot of information (it will be in the hellp section), by just typing the keyword you can filter the needed result which you need.

FatCow Knowledge base

Plans and Other benefits:

According to requirement you can choose the plans

  • FatCow Plan
  • WordPress Hosting
  • Domain Parking
  • VPS Hosting
  • Dedicated Hosting
  • Normally if you regitser you need to Pay $49 Per Year, but go with this link and find your offer for only $37.8 Per Year, you will additional benefit of $100 Google Ad credits & $100 Bing Ad Credits.

In the above i have given few web hosting list and their plans, features speed and up time, i think by seeing the criteria you friends can rate it easily.

I am will do research for another set and will publish a blog on it sooner.



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